*Understand your customers: _
To communicate effectively – you must identify the elements that influence your target customers and focus on how to exploit them- What does he like? What motivates and attracts them? Does he like about your brand?
* Define your brand personality: _
A brand persona is the personality of your business where you will deliver experiences to customers. It will be heavily influenced by the information you can glean about your target customers. What tone of voice suits this audience? What type of language will have the most effect? Images will catch their attention.
Crystallize your brand promise:
* What is the ultimate promise you make to your customers?
* How will your products/services improve their lives?
How are you going to keep that promise.66% of consumers believe that transparency is one of the most attractive qualities of a brand. Perfect your visual assets. Online shoppers don’t have the luxury of touching and feeling the products they buy, so the visual experience is extremely important. Visual elements are all front-end elements, such as the website design, fonts and typography, color palette, logo and advertising design, and the packing and unboxing experience you create. It’s a powerful branding tool that reaches its peak when all the different moving parts are cohesive and working harmoniously. Research shows that having a memorable signature color will increase the chances of customers recognizing your brand by 80%. Refine the customer experience. Even if you have little control over how your customers will ultimately feel about your brand, you should do your best to ensure that every interaction and touchpoint you have with your customers aligns with your brand promise and adheres to your brand guidelines. 69% of consumers say the most important thing brands can do to improve their experience is “get to know them”. This will include everything from return policies to shipping terms, email marketing communications and more.

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