Media production

Create an internet collection that follows the day lives of humans in a selected career or industry, which includes chefs, firefighters, or startup entrepreneurs. Develop a podcast that explores a selected subject or topic in-depth, which includes real crime, technology fiction, or non-public development. Produce a YouTube channel that teaches an ability or stocks data on a hobby, which includes gardening, painting, or coding. Create a digital truth to revel in that permits customers to discover a brand-new surroundings or revel in a historic event. Develop a cellular sport that teaches gamers a brand-new language or ability via gameplay. Create an interactive web-primarily based totally documentary that explores a social trouble or historic event. Produce a quick movie that tells a tale in a non-linear or experimental format. Develop an augmented truth app that complements the user’s real-international revel in, which includes supplying data on historic landmarks or selling neighborhood businesses. Create a social media mission that encourages humans to proportion their very own content, which includes an image or writing mission. Produce a sequence of quick, lively explainer films that designate complicated principles in an easy-to-recognize way.

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